The Resource page is a quick and easy way to connect with valuable information. Whether you are looking for past issues of our health and wellness articles, need some assistance with a parenting issue and or want to "Ask-A-Counselor", this is the place to start. Links to these useful resources are available below.

Coping with Worry: Eight Strategies

Rumors and Facts about TriHealth EAP

52 Proven Stress Reducers

Perspectives on Suicide Prevention and Awareness


This link connects you with answers to frequently asked questions about the Employee Assistance Program and Work Life services.


This email link is for general questions you'd like to Ask-A-Counselor. The email is encrypted to protect your confidentiality and you will receive a response within 2 business days. When you need help but aren't quite ready for face-to-face counseling, this can be your first step.

Health and Wellness Articles

TriHealth EAP® distributes monthly health and wellness articles and quarterly newsletters. Past issues are archived here.

Tip Sheets

This is a collection of printable quick tip sheets on subjects such as Stress, Depression, WorkLife Balance, Parenting and more.

Retrieving TriHealth EAP® Secure E-Mail

This link will take you to instructions on how to retrieve a TriHealth EAP® secure e-mail that your received from one of our counselors.

Directions to Training Sites

Directions for Supervisory and Enrichment Seminars training locations.